SRH Information centre( Innovation Hub)

About SRH Information centre-Innovation Hub

It is an innovation hub for transmit information.Allowing 70 to 120 adolescent per day young people/youth/community to access comprehensive SRH,GBV and HIV,TB and Malaria prevention and treatment information by either in a hard copy, soft copy or consultation(using library material and online material.)

Via library-Various publication-Reports-Journals-flyers-Brochures-comic books

Via online material –Through pictures and post, text viatwiter,Facebook,watsapgroups,Instagram,blogs,website,1 min to 3 min documentaries, comic story, online meeting host and  live video consultation via Facebook,twiter, blogs and website.

In consultation-Weekly and monthly workshops-Forum-National and international days eg.#endingAIDS #youthday #endchildmarriage #endFGM

We are looking for more partner to work and contribute to reach the targeted goal(young people  equipped with knowledge and skills necessary to make an informed decision about their health )

for more information pls emails us or call +255713118200