Integrated social media platforms

About Integrated social media platforms-Info Life Tz

It is a peer lead innovative & evidence based programme offering comprehensive quality direct service & literacy to adolescents(10-19 yrs) and youth (15-24 yrs) and 25 to (35 yrs) in Tanzania.Weekly thematic content will be developed for all platforms and schedules are designed around important international and national days commemorations

All these channels will provide opportunity, through which youths can engage with a trained counselor at any time on issues important to SRH information and service.Allowing peer to peer discussion.The platforms are complimented by mainstream media (Radio, TV, Teen Magazines) and below the line youth activation .As part of the Info LifeTz Program, the Organization will runs a Social media information attached with text,Action Pictures, and one minutes video,also bulk SMS platform to offer comprehensive Information Malaria,GBV,Gender Issues,TB,HIV/AIDS  literacy and linkage to HIV services to young people