About Salama Foundation

Salama Foundation, one of the contributing 2nd winner of Guinness world records in Tanzania, Botswana and south Africa, is a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization that works to promote community and youth engagement in various programs as well as advocate for the realization of various commitments that Tanzania has made in particular those related to young peoples’ rights and access to education, Good Governance and Democracy, health and economic opportunities


In collaboration with other key stakeholders, salama Foundation worked with approximately 500,000 young people around 19 regions of united republic of Tanzania in providing peer to peer training to young people about the need of comprehensive sexuality education, Initiating and Strengthening Health youth  Clubs, High level and local level advocacy on health. But again designing and creating the youth manifesto of 2015 and identifying approximately 10 focus areas including the need of improvement in health systems where by the currently president and selected leaders are used as a toolkit to transform the country economy and Basics needs.

Currently salama Foundation, worked with youths in Tanzania, and achieved the following

  • Training 40 National pastoralist elders (Legwanani) in accepting Comprehensive sexuality education to their community and avoid Bad social practice in their community such as Female genital mutilation, early Marriage and pregnancy.
  • Creating 10 safe space clubs and Trained 40 Young girls and boys as the peer educators for in ending GBV, FGM in within Pastoralist society in Ngorongoro District in the United Republic of Tanzania
  • Organizing out of schools SRH-Talk influencing behavior change among the jogging clubs in Tanzania
  • Directly engagement in the Draft Review of the youth policy  and its recommendation with the ministry responsible.
  • Developing Various National and international resolution intending to rise advocacy for health and livelihood development for the current sustainable development goals i.e. International youth Day 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Salama Foundation has been engaged with the different stakeholder to advocate for Creating safe space for youth in Tanzania through access equal education,opportunities,Creativity, innovation and room for civic education to reach sustainable development goals in 2030

Salama foundation is performing wider range of advocacy work focusing on different local and global agenda, which includes Human rights, Peace issues, HIV/AIDS, Environment, Gender Equality including women empowerment, Youths and Entrepreneurship, civic engagement just to mention a few.  In this regard, Salama Foundation has the capacity to perform community engagement programs including edutainment, advocacy, Creative industry activities and resource mobilization as well as presenting youth perspectives in Tanzania abroad.