About Us

Salama Foundation is a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization established under the Non-Government Organizations Act, 2002 with registration number 7490. It is a combination of partners who strived to create the future we want through serving community including young people for the sustainable development.

Shadrack John Msuya is the founder and Country Director of Salama Foundation. After completing his degree in Business Administration at Saint Augustine University of Tanzania, He decided to work with the community people including youth organization in the area of health and livelihood programs prior to the establishment of the Foundation. In its 8 years of experience, Shadrack believe that passions of learning and serving, creativity and innovation can transform the dream and come into Reality

2.1 Vision

To have prosperous community and peaceful society in which there is active and effective Young people participation

2.2 Mission

To promote empowerment and self-realization of environmental friendly, support community health initiatives, Livelihood programs including energy and climate change, education, human right and access to social services for sustainable development, awareness rising via policy discussion, capacity building through training, dialogue, seminars and workshop

2.3 Values

We adhere to good, integrity, excellence, sense of humanity, love, transparency and accountability

2.4 Objectives

Integrate youth into the labor market by initiate and strengthening livelihood programs among youth in Tanzania
Increase access and utilization of Sexual Reproductive Health and Family planning programs to young people by contributing in Friendly Sexual Reproductive Health with social economic empowerment programs
Promote community empowerment through positive behavior change communication via community Radio Drama ,outreach and social network by increasing knowledge and practical skills on how to prevent themselves from HIV and SRH related risks by ensuring Getting to zero outcome are reached in a friendly manner to the marginalized groups
To initiate and Strengthening the Use of Existing Platforms to Advance Efforts to Prevent and Respond to Gender-based Violence including FGM, ending child marriage, Early pregnancy in Tanzania
To open door for policy discussion in the area of human right, health, education and livelihood programs including youth and energy for the sustainable development.
Address issues of environmental degradation through facilitation of community access to electricity and modern energy sources for cooking and heating that will reduce over-dependence of natural vegetation as the source of power through strengthen economic growth in a way that‘s equitable and addresses growing energy demand(SE4ALL)
To slow the warming of our planet by reducing global emissions and combating local environmental impacts from energy-use.(Mitigation and Adaptation of climatic Change)
To focus on education programmers that seeks to improve learning outcomes in the early grades of primary schools while simultaneously promoting child wellbeing and safety.