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Salama Foundation, one of the contributing 2nd winner of Guinness world records in Tanzania, Botswana and south Africa, is a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization that works to promote community and youth engagement in various programs as well as advocate for the realization of various commitments that Tanzania has made in particular those related to young peoples’ rights and access to education, Good Governance and Democracy, health and economic opportunities

Towards the implementation of ESSA Commitment in Tanzania (LOLIONDO COMMITMENT), Salama Foundation Played a great role to train and facilitated to Young girls in pastoralist society in Loliondo as peer health educator and Massai traditional chiefs and leaders (Legwanani) in ending FGM,early and child Marriage

Salama Foundation is also working on getting to zero awareness programs in Korogwe, Mombo, Muheza and tanga to reach more disadvantages people who are at the higher risk of getting new HIV infections. Again the promotion of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) among young people (One year Project) in schools and youths out of school with the aim of helping young people across Tanzania and in the region to understand their Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.

In partnership with Sony-Amref Public Viewing project, Salama foundation managed to reach more than 10,000 community members in Tanga region, over 2000 people were received HTC services, SRH and family planning services plus peer to peer education.

Salama foundation is also renowned for its involvement of Global Campaign for Protecting the Goal ”Linda Goli lako campaign” in Tanzania through bringing the quality edutainment programs, peer educators and media engagement.

Good governance and Democracy, Sustainable energy for all, Reproductive health and development, Key population is one of the focus areas that we works by referring to the Tanzania youth Manifesto of the 2015 General election where Salama Foundation played a crucial role during the implementation process.
In collaboration with TUSPO (Tanzania users and survivor of psychiatric organization) and lavours, we managed to show that mental people including youth and children’s have the right of getting sexuality information and education on SRH and also can be recovered and join different kind of occupation therapy and livelihood programs, also to be engaged in democracy and good governance

We Salama foundation use the power of ICT and face to face community to facilitate global education, Engaging youth into Good Governance and Democracy, energy economy for livelihood, Health specifically SRH and Getting to zero, social entrepreneurship, and civic engagement for millions of youth and general community. We have strong peoples movement for the support the community engagement programs in Tanzania.

Salama foundation is performing wider range of advocacy work focusing on different local and global agenda, which includes Human rights, Peace issues, HIV/AIDS, Environment, Gender Equality including women empowerment, Youths and Entrepreneurship, civic engagement just to mention a few. In this regard, Salama Foundation has the capacity to perform community engagement programs including edutainment, advocacy and resource mobilization as well as presenting youth perspectives in Tanzania abroad.